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Eddy’s Thank You re.Mural at Cheddi Jagan International Airport

"I wish to thank The People of the most beautiful country in the natural world, at this time, for providing a mirror, for the benefit and use of all the least fortunate children of the People Of Guyana, for I am from among them. I have had the simple privilege of swimming in our many trenches, canals, rivers and streams of every kind. I have climbed our trees, high and low, to pick sweet, sour and bitter fruit and just as in life, fallen from them after the many stings of the vast array of Marabuntas and Bees, only to get up and climb them again, to show who is boss in Hopetown and Plaisance, where my ancestors were enslaved and the coming together of which villages produced me.

Please see any achievements of mine as a mere stepping stone for you, as I expect that you will vastly overtake them. You will bring a greater glory and deeper understanding, of the many spiritual and material things, that the Creator Of All Things, has imbued this precious land with.

Know, as your young inexperienced eyes gaze up and into this mirror, that the face you see experiencing such transcendent pleasure, is none but your own, regardless of your tribe.

I am just the template from which you will be moulded; Time, looks after any and all other matters, because Time and Nature work together in an unerring perfection, of which, just like myself, so will you be.

Child of this beautiful land, have no fear of other lands and their peoples but go forth with strength, gained from your natural foods from your natural earth, to conquer in fair play and become loved and respected as you give love and respect to all who engage you in fair play. In all things, as you stare into this mirror, stay true to who you are and respect all other creatures, beings and things and one day you will certainly become a mirror yourself and a better one than myself.

Thank you for looking at this image of me. The next move is yours".

Ringbang For Life.

Eddy Grant.